A  photo, video and audio documentation of members of 'Occupy Justice', a faction of 'Occupy London', 

The project presents an iconography and alternative aesthetic of Occupy, challenging public perception of the movement and tests the idea of the ‘aestheticization of politics’ in the current sociopolitical environment.

Pieces from Icons. were on show at 'Urban Dialogues', Red Gallery, London, between 2-14 October 2013. See: Icons. at 'Urban Dialogues'.


A site-specific installation incorporating photography, sound, archival audio and moving image, light, lead, earth, grit, stones, bricks, cement, concrete, tarmac and newspapers,

ascensIon. was on show from December 2011 – January 2012 at the hidden Old Shoreditch Station Project Space, East London.


Landscape photography forming the visual and conceptual foundation of ascensIon.

A Vigil.

An intervention at Red Gallery, London's East End, 1 October 2013.


A site-specific sound installation was on show in January 2012 at the ‘occupied’ Old Street Magistrates’ Court, London’s East End.


A video piece marking the inauguration of “#Faith” – a protest faith movement.  Work in Progress. 


In post-production. More information will be posted here as the work evolves.  

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